Why Vida8

“Relationships begin with the perfect combination”

It’s easy to believe that finding great friends and worthwhile business connections is all about luck, when in fact it’s all about the right opportunities and introductions. With this in mind Vida8 has created an exclusive social networking club of carefully curated event experiences in which to increase those opportunities. At our events you will meet like-minded, interesting, dynamic and attractive people from our vast international network, in privately arranged and unique social settings.

As private members of Vida8 you can expect invitations to participate in exceptional experiences every month that are stylish and fun, as well as creating the ideal environment in which to develop relationships and valuable connections without any pressure. All the events are carefully organized to ensure the perfect combination of people and social ambience, as well as being hosted by a Vida8 Ambassador.

Why 8?

The number 8 is the symbol of infinity and romantically represents eternal love. Numerically the number 8 is a power of 2 and ultimately what meeting a partner is all about. At Vida8 events we aim to increase your opportunity of meeting a lifelong friend, business colleague, or potentially a life partner. What makes Vida8 different is that, unlike other social clubs, we take into consideration social compatibility to ensure your opportunities and experiences are exceptional.