Terms and Conditions

1 Vida8 and Vida Consultancy Ltd
Vida8 is a division of Vida Consultancy Ltd (registered in England and Wales under company number 07671741 and with VAT Registration number 151 0677 31). Vida8 membership is only available to Private or Open Members of Vida Consultancy (as such terms are defined in Vida Consultancy’s Terms and Conditions).
These Terms and Conditions govern your membership of Vida8 and your use of the Vida8 website. By subscribing to Vida8 you are legally bound by these Terms and Conditions which are additional to the terms and conditions that you signed when you became a Private or Open Member of Vida Consultancy;
Your Vida8 membership is also subject to Vida8’s Members Rules. If there is any conflict between these Terms and Conditions, Vida8’s Membership Rules and Vida Consultancy’s Terms and Conditions then the provision in the document appearing earlier in the following list prevails over any provision in a document appearing later in the list: (1) Vida Consultancy’s Terms and Conditions; (2); these Terms and Conditions (3) Vida8’s Membership Rules.
2 Membership
If, when you apply for Vida8 membership, you are not already an Open or Private Member of Vida Consultancy(and therefore have not yet been profiled by Vida Consultancy) then your membership of Vida8 will be deferred until such time that you sign up as an Open or Private Member of the Vida Consultancy and your profile is complete. In such a case we will retain your membership fees pending completion of this profiling exercise. If for any reason Vida Consultancy rejects your application your membership fees will be refunded to the card you used to pay for your membership.
Membership costs £180 (£150 + VAT) signing up fee plus your annual subscription. You can pay your subscription either monthly or annually in advance. The monthly payments option costs £1200 per year, payable in 12 equal monthly instalments of £100 (inc VAT) in advance by Credit Card. If you pay annually in advance you will be entitled to a £200 discount (so annual membership costs £1000 (inc VAT).
3 Member Events
Vida8 aims to ensure that as far as possible the mix of attendees at each Event has the right chemistry. Vida8 aims to achieve this by using the match-making skills and resources of the Vida Consultancy to match the profiles of members wishing to attend with Vida Consulting’s Open and Private Member database. Events will be attended by Vida8 Ambassadors who will act as facilitators during the Event.
Events will be advertised on the Vida8 website and members who wish to attend an Event will be asked to pay online when they book. Vida8 does not put any mark-up on Event costs. Members are entitled to book on behalf of guests provided that the guest’s details are completed on the online application so that Vida Consultancy can enrol them as an Open or Private Member. Please note that enrolment of any guest as a Member is subject to the process described in paragraph 2. Any booking you make will be confirmed by Vida8 by e-mail. Unless you have received confirmation you are not guaranteed a place at the event and you should not make any arrangements that involve you in any costs or potential inconvenience until you have received the confirmation.
4 Cancellations
Booking fees for Vida8 Events are non-refundable. However, Vida8 keeps a waiting list for most events so please contact and we will do our best to find another Vida8 member to take your place.
Vida8 Events will often be arranged via third party event operators and may also rely on other third party suppliers. There is always the possibility, however remote, that Vida8 may be let down by such third parties. If an Event is cancelled for such reasons thenVida8 will refund any fee you paid when you booked.
Vida8 may cancel your booking on the grounds of your non-payment or if you breach these Terms and Conditions or the Member’s Rules between the date that you booked and the date of the Event. In such circumstances Vida8 will notify you by e-mail to the e-mail address you gave when you booked and will give reasons for the cancellation.
5 Members Duties
Vida8 reserves the right to refuse entry to any Member (or any Member’s guest) on the day of the Event if the Member(or guest) behaves in any manner which is, in Vida8’s opinion, likely to cause offence or injury to any other party or otherwise represents a serious breach of Vida8’s Member Rules. Members are warned that Vida8 reserves the right to recover any costs it may incur that result from such behaviour. Such costs may include any reasonable compensation or ex-gratia payments that Vida8 considers it appropriate to make to any other affected Vida8 member or third party, whether or not such person makes a formal or legal claim for compensation.
6 Special Conditions
Vida8 reserves the right to add special conditions applying to specific Events as and when appropriate. Any special conditions will be set out on the Vida8 website in conjunction with the Event information orwill be notified to you by e-mail prior before you receiveyour booking confirmation.
7 Warranty and Limitation
Vida8 warrants that each Event will correspond with the description for the Event given on Vida8’s website (which includes any Event updates issued by Vida8 for time to time) in all material respects. You should check for updates in case of any last minute changes to timing or location before you incur any expense or begin to travel to the Event.
Except for liability arising fromdeath or personal injury caused by Vida8’s negligence, fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation (for which liability is not limited or excluded) the entire liability that Vida8 may have to you arising under your membership of Vida8 or its subject matter, in negligence or otherwise is limited to the membership fees and any event charges actually paid by you in the period of 12 months prior to the date the claim arises.
8 Future Restructuring
The relationship between Vida8 and Vida Consultancy Ltd is described in paragraph 1 of these Terms and conditions. At some future point the owners of Vida8 may decide to incorporate Vida8 as a separate legal entity and Vida8 reserves the right to assign the benefit and delegate the burden of the contract between you and Vida8 to such legal entity.
9 Third Party Rights
A person who is not a party to your contract for membership with Vida8 has no right under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of it except that the benefit of paragraph 7 is hereby expressly conferred on Vida Consulting Ltd, its officers, agents and employees. This paragraph does not affect any right or remedy of a third party which exists or is available apart from that act.